Informal “Debate” on Abortion

10/4/2019 – An interesting discussion at the public library in downtown Rochester, NY.

The backstory to this “debate” is that a few months prior, I met Anita as she came to one of our monthly Stand Out for Life events dressed in a Handmaid’s Tale costume, carrying a bunch of wire hangers, and seeking to disrupt the peaceful, prayerful public witness and loving outreach that was taking place. I spoke with her and invited her to a public debate where we could have a civil discussion on the topic of abortion as a more appropriate way for her to voice her pro-abortion views. She accepted and this informal “debate” is the result.

There were many points where I could have interrupted more or hammered her on the facts, but the primary mission in my heart and mind during this conversation was to best see the human being before me and to love her well in the midst of the discussion.