“Striving to believe and live the Truth, without compromise.”

Jim Havens is a Catholic husband and father; striving to build up the Kingdom of God, one act of real love at a time (even if it means flipping some tables). This website is meant to be a resource and portal to learn more about him and his good work.


I am convinced and convicted that Jesus and His Catholic Church are the real deal – the Treasure hidden in the field worth giving everything for (Matthew 13:44).

By God’s grace, my will is to go deeper into the Treasure and grow stronger in a life of authentic prayer and virtue…like the tree planted near streams of water (Psalm 1:3).

My desire is to simply and authentically love well, both God and others, especially my wife, and with her, our children entrusted to our care. I offer any gifts, skills, or abilities I may have back to Almighty God that He might use me in any way He sees fit to build His Kingdom (Isaiah 57:14; Matthew 6:33) and glorify His name (Psalm 115:1).

My educational background is in media and theology: B.A. Media Studies, M.F.A. Screenwriting, M.A. Theology and Christian Ministry (Franciscan University 2006).

After a truly miraculous conversion and return to the Sacramental life of the Catholic Church in 2001 at the age of 24, I have served ever since, in Catholic parishes, schools, and organizations, as well as being active in pro-life work since 2002 and Catholic media since 2008. 


Major themes of my work have been:

  • Building up men, especially husbands and fathers.
  • Forming young people, parents, and families.
  • Effective action toward ending abortion and serving pregnant moms in need.
  • Teaching the virtue of chastity/sexual integrity.
  • Evangelization and community outreach.
  • Sharing helpful, practical examples from the lives of the Saints.
  • Catechesis and prayer.
  • Spiritual warfare.
  • Sharing personal testimony.

It seems clear to me that we are in a time of great deception where the vast majority, including leaders of Church and State, “call evil good and good evil (Isaiah. 5:20).” This is most evident in the ongoing, daily mass murder of the pre-born that kills 200,000 human persons worldwide every day and the attitudes surrounding it. We must wake up and see reality on this, and so much more.

The current work I am engaged in can be found as:

If you would be so kind, please offer a prayer or two for me and my family.