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Who is Jim Havens?

I am convinced and convicted that Jesus and His Catholic Church are the real deal – the Treasure hidden in the field worth giving everything for (Matthew 13:44).

By God’s grace, I strive to go deeper into the Treasure and grow stronger in a life of authentic prayer and virtue…like the tree planted near streams of water (Psalm 1:3).

My desire is to simply and authentically love well, both God and others, especially my wife, and with her, our children entrusted to our care. I offer any gifts, skills, or abilities I may have back to Almighty God that He might use me in any way He sees fit to build His Kingdom (Isaiah 57:14; Matthew 6:33) and glorify His name (Psalm 115:1).

My educational background is in media and theology: B.A. Media Studies, M.F.A. Screenwriting, M.A. Theology and Christian Ministry (Franciscan University 2006).

After a miraculous conversion and return to the Sacramental life of the Catholic Church in 2001, at the age of 24, I have served in Catholic parishes, schools, and organizations ever since.



Major themes of my work have been:

  • Effective action toward ending abortion and serving pregnant moms in need
  • Building up Catholic men, especially husbands and fathers
  • The virtue of chastity/sexual integrity
  • Evangelization and community outreach
  • Building up Catholic young people, parents, and families
  • Practical examples from the lives of the Saints
  • Catechesis and prayer
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Sharing personal testimony

It seems clear to me that we are in a time of great deception where the vast majority, including leaders of Church and State, “call evil good and good evil (Isaiah. 5:20).” This is most evident in the ongoing, daily mass murder of the preborn that kills 200,000 human persons worldwide every day and the attitudes surrounding it. We must wake up and see reality on this, and so much more.

The current apostolic work I am engaged in can be found as:

May God bless you right now as you read this. Please pray for me and my family.